Photo: The Washington Post

Hitler retreated into the Führerbunker in January 1945, joined by his few remaining loyalists, including Martin Bormann, Eva Braun and Joseph Goebbels. Most of the others had fled in an effort to save themselves, many of which dumped their uniforms and donned the clothing of average German citizens. Himmler, the second most powerful man in the Reich, attempted to negotiate a surrender with the Allies and was ordered arrested by Hitler. He escaped in disguise, only to be captured by the Allies and later kill himself with cyanide.

It was a pathetic denouement for the most destructive regime in human history.

Trump retreated into his own bunker on January 6. As with Hitler, his final days are now spent in virtual isolation, suffering from mental illness, paranoia and unable to lead a nation in extreme crisis. Hitler was singularly responsible for Germany’s suffering, and Trump is responsible for ours. He is singularly responsible for the events on January 6 and for the abject failure of our Coronavirus response which has lead to nearly 400,000 deaths. Now his friends and supporters are abandoning him, just like Hitler’s inner-circle in 1945. They’re a despicable group of people that aided a criminal for four years and helped plunge our nation into chaos and death. No different than rats leaving a sinking ship.

It’s a pathetic denouement to the worst Presidency in American history.

Hitler finally put a gun to his head and ended his life. His remaining loyalists took poison, including the entire Goebbels family, including their children. Trump is likely to keep dodging and evading, slipping off to his gaudy mansion, at least until the FBI shows up and arrests him. He may be forced out of office early, as the wheels are moving quickly toward impeachment. This is an important event, because it will put everyone in Congress on record as to where they stand with regards to the attempted coup. Are they loyal to the country and to the Constitution or are they traitors? Hawley, Cruz, Gaetz and dozens of others are likely to remain unrepentant and willing to go down in flames with their demonic leader. They’ll forever be on record as traitors against our nation and our principles.

I hope my conservative friends will not stand with them and come to the same logical conclusion many other conservatives have reached. There’s no grey area here. You are either a loyal American, or you stand with traitors and turncoats.

Which will it be?

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