What a sad situation for our nation. We now have to choose between two old white guys, both of which are slaves to Wall Street and apparently get off on assaulting women. One is a pathological liar and the other is senile. Both want to preserve a private healthcare system that hurts millions of people, and both will continue our $700 billion completely military dependency. The big lie.

One doesn’t take climate change seriously, and while the other one apparently does, he’s clueless about its causes and doesn’t have a workable plan. Both are anachronisms. Relics of the past and unfit to lead in today’s world.

The end result? Regardless of who wins, the United States will continue to experience worsening economic disparity. Heath insurance costs will continue to soar. We’ll be completely unprepared for upcoming challenges that could dwarf the challenges posed by COVID-19. The Democrats will hoist up some improvements, but overall, they’ll be lank achievements that do little to solve the core problems.

Solutions are in plain sight, but Democrats and Republicans will do anything to maintain the two party power system and keep our country essentially in a state of paralysis. They’re preventing our nation from moving forward in meaningful ways. We could learn a thing or two from the Germans about developing a highly functional political systems with numerous parties. We could learn a thing or two from them about healthcare and fiscal responsibility, too.

Unfortunately, most Americans no longer read. They’re not willing to plow through dense books or scholarly articles that discuss science, politics, history, sociology, economics and law. We’re a Netflix Nation unable or perhaps simply unwilling to connect the dots between these interrelated subjects. The beat will go on, and it makes me truly sad to say it, but we will get what we deserve.

‘Twas ever thus.

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