I’ve had countless blessings in my life. My parents weren’t so great, but people have had far worse situations than i had. I was blessed with a kind, intelligent and generous grandmother, and she guided me during my early years.

I was blessed with good looks and a good mind. I was outgoing, made friends easily and was a good athlete. I was a strong communicator and a fair writer. Girls loved me, although I didn’t really discover this until college. In high school, I was clueless about girls. I’ve had the company of dozens of sweet, beautiful girls and women in my life. I was deeply in love with a few, including my wife of 34 years.

My children are healthy, educated and well-employed. I have a beautiful grandson. He looks like a perfect baby you’d see on a cereal box.

When I recently learned a friend had lost her four year daughter during heart surgery, I was crushed, but I also realized just how fortunate I’ve been. I got fifty-two more years than that little girl did, which makes me somehow feel guilty about every day I have going forward. Truth be told, she had serious genetic issues, and that’s really what life is, just atoms, molecules and biology. God’s will has nothing to do with who dies and who lives. Who gets four years and who gets sixty-four. Sometimes even the best surgeon can’t save you.

I’m thankful for today and won’t take tomorrow for granted.

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