Yesterday, I had a woman tell me she couldn’t believe how “the gays” were taking over. She didn’t know where they’d all come from. That God had wiped them out during the time of Noah, but they’d somehow come back in great numbers. 

There are few times when I’m speechless and unable to respond, but I sat in stunned silence for at least a minute. It was an awkward silence. I attempted to provide a biological defense of sexuality and gender, but as I was doing it, I realized I was essentially talking to someone that had the cognitive level of a second grader. And then I realized she’s far from being the only person that believes such non-sense. 

Dangerous non-sense. 

Because if you believe it’s God work for a class of people to be “wiped off the earth,” and then also believe you are God’s servant, the next potential step is horrifying.

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