One of Hitler’s inspirations for his war against the world was the United States. He was keenly aware of how we subjugated and destroyed a people in order to gain land. He wanted Germany to be more like America in order to compete with the British Empire and the U.S. for global supremacy.

The first step in the process was the dehumanization of the Jews, just as we dehumanized American Indians and as we apparently continue to do in 2019. Dehumanization is always the first step in genocide, because if you make a people something less than human, it becomes easier to kill them.

When I see these impish punks from Covington, Kentucky, I’m reminded of Brownshirt thugs harassing Jews in the streets of Berlin.

Middle and upper class people often point their sanctimonious fingers at lower income families, especially African American families, and talk about their parental failings, but these kids should be the poster children for parental failure.

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