Why do we no longer build things to last? In my community, commercial and residential construction looks like it has intentionally been built to destroy within half a lifetime. I routinely see houses built during the late 1970’s being torn down to make way for million dollar McMansions filled modern gadgetry and three car garages.

Where does all the construction trash go?

Most will say “cost” is the reason, but what are the long term costs? Development concerns seem to prioritize short term financial concerns over longer term societal issues.

But this is the way things are in America. As a people, we are mostly concerned with short term gratification and gains, not the longer term issues that will confront out children and grandchildren. Perhaps this is best evidenced by our mind-boggling inability to address climate change. We only care about now, blithely consuming energy as if there is no tomorrow and as if we’re the only generation that matters.

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